A Princeton University Conference: September 12 – 13, 2014

Keynote: Natalie Melas (Cornell)


What does comparison do and what specific practices are involved in doing comparison? In what ways does the “how” of comparison both shape and constitute its subject matter, and vice versa?

The practices that shape Comparative Literature (the “acts of comparison”) are also significant objects of study for comparative thinking, both as it occurs inside and outside of departmental boundaries. The questions listed above raise issues associated with how we define similarity, imagine incommensurability, structure interdisciplinarity, situate “theory,” attend to language and value and evaluate relational thinking within Comparative Literature. These questions also highlight the tension between the practical components of comparison and its theoretical presuppositions.



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Sponsored by:

The Department of Comparative Literature

The Department of English

The Department of French and Italian
The Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities
Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies
Program in European Cultural Studies
Program in Gender and Sexuality
Program in Latin American Studies
Program in Media and Modernity
The University Center for Human Values
The University Center for the Study of Religion


pointinghandClick HERE to see a more detailed description of the conference goals

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